:: ENDLESS PLANETS out NOW! :: Special Record Release Event- February 11th! ::

To celebrate the release of my upcoming record Endless Planets, there will be a special record release event at Futura on February 11th, 9pm.

Show features:
* AUSTIN PERALTA & DEATHGASM feat. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (violin/viola), Sam Gendel (alto sax), Ryan McGillicuddy (bass), Zach Harmon (drums & tabla), Earnest Blount (electronic manipulation), & Ben Olsen (live video feedback manipulation)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Purchase Endless Planets from any of the following sources (available in both digital and CD formats):

Brainfeeder | Amazon | iTunes | NinjaTune

Jazz influences weave throughout the Brainfeeder catalog, and the labels’ artists are helping to push forward a renewed interest in the junction of the free-spirited musical genre and modern sound technology. However Brainfeeder’s first release of 2011 is the first to plunge fully into the smoky, sensual and spine-tingling world of jazz: Endless Planets by Austin Peralta is a lush, fully realized musical affair of playful instrumentation and serious style.

A pianist since the age of 5, LA-native Austin Peralta has turned years of dedicated practice and bold experimentation into an album of rich composition and vibrant energy. Spiraling saxophones, sauntering percussion licks and questing piano strokes merge with soulful basslines to create a flourishing sonic garden for music lovers to explore.

Joining the young composer on Endless Planets is a smart collection of musicians including Zane Musa (alto sax), Ben Wendel (tenor and soprano), Hamilton Price (bass) and Zach Harmon (drums). Dr. Strangeloop adds his wizardly electronic manipulation throughout the album, ending with a scintillating collaboration with The Cinematic Orchestra and UK-based soul singer Heidi Vogel for the final track.

Brainfeeder label head Flying Lotus describes the release:

“This is a step in direction of where I want Brainfeeder to go. True musicianship as well as some interesting electronics.”

“People would always tell me about this genius jazz pianist,” Flying Lotus recalls. “‘He’s like 17 or 18 and already sounds like McCoy Tyner!’ I had to go and see what was up, so Dr. Strangeloop introduced me, and I got to hear this amazing record.”


After hearing the album, there was only one conclusion to be made: “We had to put it out.”


9 Responses to “:: ENDLESS PLANETS out NOW! :: Special Record Release Event- February 11th! ::”

  1. Is the event on the 15th or the 11th?

  2. bart geldhof Says:

    will this be out on vinyl as well? or just cd?

  3. Dude. I just bought your album and I have to say that you make me proud to be a jazz musician. I came up in LA, went to the Colburn, played a shitload of upright bass and have since strayed into the realm of computer music. Recently, though, I’ve been trying to integrate more of my jazz background into my tunes and finding your album really makes me happy. Did I hear that you moved to NY?

  4. finally got around to picking this up. been meaning to grab it ever since I saw that jam sessions video with you and Taylor McFerrin, which was sick. Love the album, excited to hear more great music and hopefully a vinyl release some time!

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